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The nine best pickup trucks

Pickups are becoming ever more popular in the UK. Not only are they robust and practical, many of them are manufactured with dual purpose in mind, so they’re often comfortable enough for the whole are the best on the market right now.

Mitsubishi L200
Mitsubishi’s L200s have been around for years and each update has further cemented this as one of the most popular pickups in the UK.

Enthusiasts would argue it’s the best pickup truck available, thanks to the fact it’s a great all-round vehicle for work and play with its roomy interior and decent sized seats.

It has 4×4 capability but can be driven in two-wheel drive – increasing fuel consumption.

Payload: 1,050kg
Fuel efficiency: 40mpg

Fiat Fullback fiat-fullback-grey-pickup-truck
Fiat’s a relative newcomer to the pickup market in the UK, but it’s partnered up with Mitsubishi and created the Fullback. Essentially, this is a Mitsubishi L200 with Fiat. It also comes with 4×4 capability.

Where it differs from the L200, is that it’s not as comfortable on the inside and the drive experience isn’t quite as refined.

It’s also pricier in comparison to other similar pickups, such as the entry level L200 and even the Nissan Navara.

Payload: 1,050kg
Fuel efficiency: 40.9mpg

Nissan Navara nissan-navara-black-pickup-truck
The Navara is another hugely popular choice on the road, especially as it comes with Nissan’s five-year warranty – but where the Mitsubishi L200 gives you the best of both when it comes to work and lifestyle, the Navara is really more of a workhorse.

The interior focuses on function – it’s built to withstand knocks and bruises rather than offer refinement.

Payload: 1,059kg
Fuel efficiency: 44.9mpg

Mercedes X Class mercedes-xclass-red-pickup-truck
Mercedes has ventured into the pickup market with the X class – based on a Nissan Navara. It’s expensive, but the interior is what sets it apart – it’s classier and far more refined than many of its competitors.

However, you don’t get any more for your money when it comes to payload or economy– which are perhaps two of the most important elements when choosing a work vehicle.

Payload: 1,042kg
Fuel efficiency: 38mpg

Volkswagen Amarok volkswagen-amarok-vw-brown-pickup-truck
Volkswagen’s Amarok may not as economical as some of the other more work orientated vehicles, such as the L200, but it’s certainly one of the most comfortable – and it’s generous when it comes to payload.

VW discontinued the two litre engine versions in 2017 so if you’re buying new, you can choose from a three-litre engine with 201bhp or 221bhp.

Payload: 1,154kg
Fuel efficiency: 34.9mpg

Toyota Hilux toyota-hilux-red-pickup-truck
Toyota’s Hilux is one of the most popular pickups in the world with a reputation for reliability even in the most challenging terrains.

If safety is your primary concern, then opting for the additional ‘safety sense’ package will give you a vehicle that gets full marks in the Euro NCAP safety ratings.

A very generous payload gives you ample capacity and a manual gearbox will give you a good return on your fuel costs.

However, if you’re looking for a pickup that can double as a family vehicle, you might be disappointed with the interior – while it’s decent and comfortable, it lacks the refinement and style that most of us have come to expect in a family car.

Payload: 1,130kg
Fuel efficiency: 40.4mpg

Ford Ranger ford-ranger-orange-pickup-truck
Ford’s Ranger is the choice if you need a vehicle that will earn its keep for a long time. Payload is far more generous than many of its rivals and it can tow an impressive 3,500kg.

Rangers are definitely workhorses and Ford has focused on creating a pickup that is unapologetically tough and practical.

With that in mind, you aren’t going to get a pretty interior, on older models especially, although newer versions have a better tech spec.

Payload: 1,199kg
Fuel efficiency: 43.5mpg

Isuzu D Max isuzu-dmax-red-pickup-truck
Isuzu D Max: like the Ranger, this is for you if you’re after nothing but a working vehicle. It’s no-nonsense and practical with a decent payload and matches the Ranger for towing capacity at 3,500kg.

It’s also cheaper than many rival pickups and offers good fuel economy. Another plus point – Isuzu offer a five-year warranty on the D Max.

Payload: 1,126kg
Fuel efficiency: 45.6mpg

SsangYong Musso
SsangYong’s Musso is another pickup primarily designed for work rather than recreation. This is a hard worker, offering sound fuel efficiency and payload capacity.

Towing ability isn’t as good as other pickups (3,000kg) and the load area also comes up short compared to rivals.

Plus, if having a well laid out instrument panel is important to you, then look away now, because the Musso has buttons all over the place – it’s all functional, but neither attractive or especially logical.

One big advantage the Musso does have, is price – basic models start from less than £20,000.

Payload: 1,075kg
Fuel efficiency: 40mpg

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